Woven Pressure Sensor

I am currently working on a series of textiles whose sensing capabilities are inherent in the construction of the material. In this sample, I used a construction called deflected double weave, which allows for areas of conductive warp and weft to 'float' over each other instead of weave together. By inserting Velostat between these layers, a series of pressure sensors was created. I am working on descriptions in Grasshopper to simulate when pressure is applied to the material. I invision that this process could be reproduced on a very small scale, allowing for a material with dense sensing points.

Application- Experimental
Construction- Deflected double weave
Materials- Steel, wool, bamboo warp; steel and wool wefts
Context- Academic,
Professor- Leah Buechley, MIT Media Lab


Video:Pressure Simulation

Video: Pressure Simulation 2

Dena Molnar

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Media Lab New Textiles 2011

Grasshopper-  Model of Woven Construction

Woven Construction - Sensor Testing

Woven Construction - Sensor Testing

Grasshopper Description